Christian Film Database (like IMDB)

Christian Film Database, as hinted in the title, is the Christian version of IMDB. It's the place to go to find new Christian movies coming up. Actually, the site is going to get a major makeover in the next couple of months, so look out! It's going to be great! So basically, CFDB has pages … Continue reading Christian Film Database (like IMDB)


Panzoid 2.0

It's true! Panzoid has gotten a while lot better. Panzoid, a free online intro maker, which I already reviewed (check out me previous posts) just recently released their second version of Panzoid Clipmaker. Some of the key changes are... 1. Lighting- You can add light sources and personalize them to your liking (way better than … Continue reading Panzoid 2.0

GodTube- The Christian Version of Youtube

GodTube is a video sharing service aimed towards Christians. It's basically like YouTube, with some differences. GodTube is for Christians GodTube loads slower GodTube lacks some features (such as analytics and video editing) GodTube lack content But, before you give up on GodTube, there are some positives. For example, I've noticed it's a lot easier … Continue reading GodTube- The Christian Version of Youtube

IAMflix update

IAMflix has recently been acquired by Pureflix entertainment. In other words, IAMflix is now Pureflix. Pureflix is a christian movie company, and, along with their aquisition of IAMflix, has added many more movies to the site. Check it out. IAMflix has gotten totally remodeled and has a much better selection now! You can find it … Continue reading IAMflix update

IAMFlix Update

The last time I wrote about I Am Flix (or IAMFlix, whatever), they had a not so good looking selection. I'm happy to announce that it is steadily changing! The last time I wrote the only new movie they had was The War Within. By now they have acquired several newer movies. They include The … Continue reading IAMFlix Update