Christian Film Database (like IMDB)

Christian Film Database, as hinted in the title, is the Christian version of IMDB. It’s the place to go to find new Christian movies coming up. Actually, the site is going to get a major makeover in the next couple of months, so look out! It’s going to be great!

So basically, CFDB has pages for pretty much all the Christian movies and shows that exist. They don’t have individual pages for actors, directors, etc, but they have plenty of other goodies available. For example, there is a page that lists all of the Christian movies in theaters in the next couple months. There’s also a list of Christian Film Festivals, TV stations, and production companies. If you love faith-affirming films, you know where to go.

Originality: 1/5 (sorry…)

Productivity: 5/5

Value: 4/5

Visit the website at


Panzoid 2.0

It’s true! Panzoid has gotten a while lot better. Panzoid, a free online intro maker, which I already reviewed (check out me previous posts) just recently released their second version of Panzoid Clipmaker. Some of the key changes are…

1. Lighting- You can add light sources and personalize them to your liking (way better than before). You can even change the color!

2. Environments- Not only are there new skies and land (the first one didn’t even have land), but this version. even has a minecraft-like environment. Not a fan myself, but I’m sure there are pixelated Minecraft junkies out there somewhere.

3. Particles- Oh yah. You can get creative with this one. You can create anything from fog to floating particles to something else. Check out the community templates for more ideas.

There are probably many more bonuses in this new Panzoid version, but I think I’ve reached the end of your attention span.  Check it out yourself at and comment to tell me what you think!

GodTube- The Christian Version of Youtube

GodTube is a video sharing service aimed towards Christians. It’s basically like YouTube, with some differences.

  1. GodTube is for Christians
  2. GodTube loads slower
  3. GodTube lacks some features (such as analytics and video editing)
  4. GodTube lack content

But, before you give up on GodTube, there are some positives. For example, I’ve noticed it’s a lot easier to get views on GodTube (at least for me), possibly because they don’t have many videos in competition with mine. GodTube is also a place to find a bunch of funny, inspiring, or educational videos. The front page has many categories, with different videos in each. You can find anything from popular artists’ music videos to sermon videos. If you like alternatives (and you like Christians) I would give GodTube a try. Or maybe a few.

Originality: 2/5

productivity: 4/5

value: 5/5

Visit the website at

Shell Artists- The Ultimate Small Gift

If you are looking for a place to buy a sirsee for someone-is a small, unexpected gift- look no farther! My web store, Shell Artists, sells beautifully painted shells. These are perfect, not to mention unique, little gifts. I’ll admit that Shell Artists is not a web tool, so it really shouldn’t be on this blog, but I’ll have to make an exception. Also, there is currently a sale for 40% off everything in the store. The promo code is “SHELLS40OFF”.

You can visit the site at

The Overflow

The Overflow is the christian version of Spotify. It has a very good selection. When it was first released (within the last year or so), there were some glitches, but they were worked out. Also, there is only a payed version. Just like Spotify premium, with The Overflow, it is possible to listen to music using the internet, or save songs for offline. My experience with The Overflow was good. It is full of christian playlists, and the artists are sorted based on genre. If you are willing to pay for music, you are a christian, and you would like to support an up and coming business, definitely go for this one. Did you hear that? Try it out! I dare you… No seriously, I enjoyed it.

originality: 2/5

productivity: 5/5

value: 4/5

Visit the website at


IAMflix update

IAMflix has recently been acquired by Pureflix entertainment. In other words, IAMflix is now Pureflix. Pureflix is a christian movie company, and, along with their aquisition of IAMflix, has added many more movies to the site. Check it out. IAMflix has gotten totally remodeled and has a much better selection now! You can find it at

IAMFlix Update

The last time I wrote about I Am Flix (or IAMFlix, whatever), they had a not so good looking selection. I’m happy to announce that it is steadily changing! The last time I wrote the only new movie they had was The War Within. By now they have acquired several newer movies. They include The Good Book, The God Question, Brother White, and more. Of course none of these movies are blockbusters, but they’re newer and better quality than many they had previously. Visit their website to discover more. They’re learning!

Visit their website at