IAMflix is a christian version of Netflix. It is quite new, and I am very glad to see it pop up. Although IAMflix (or I AM flix…) has a lot of movies, at the present moment it holds a very small selection. Most of the movies are older and not well known. If you know anything about christian movies, you’ll know that they only started getting good recently. So as I’m really exited about this good-looking website and the fact that it’s a christian version of Netflix, I’m also hoping that it’ll add some newer movies. So please check it out and don’t change your mind about trying it because of me. Currently IAMflix is cheaper than Netflix, and, like Netflix, it offers a month free of charge. They’re asking for prayer for their new ministry, so pray for them and hope they make a difference.

originallity: 1/5

productivity: 4/5

value: depends
Visit the site at www.iamflix.com


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