Plugged In

Plugged In (or pluggedin) is a christian movie, music, and more review site. It works differently from most review sites, though. It rates movies and other things by family friendliness (if that’s a word). If you visit the page of a newer movie, you’ll see a rating out of 5 stars, plus red, yellow, or green for different ages. If you scroll down more you’ll notice there are different categories like positive elements, spiritual content…¬†violent content… crude of profane language, etc.. Plugged in is the perfect place to visit before you sit down with your family to watch a movie. It’s also the perfect place to look to when deciding if you should watch a movie or listen to music by yourself.

originality: 3/5

productivity: 5/5

value: 5/5

Visit the website at
The dove foundation is a similar website. Check it out too!


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