GodTube- The Christian Version of Youtube

GodTube is a video sharing service aimed towards Christians. It’s basically like YouTube, with some differences.

  1. GodTube is for Christians
  2. GodTube loads slower
  3. GodTube lacks some features (such as analytics and video editing)
  4. GodTube lack content

But, before you give up on GodTube, there are some positives. For example, I’ve noticed it’s a lot easier to get views on GodTube (at least for me), possibly because they don’t have many videos in competition with mine. GodTube is also a place to find a bunch of funny, inspiring, or educational videos. The front page has many categories, with different videos in each. You can find anything from popular artists’ music videos to sermon videos. If you like alternatives (and you like Christians) I would give GodTube a try. Or maybe a few.

Originality: 2/5

productivity: 4/5

value: 5/5

Visit the website at www.GodTube.com


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