Panzoid 2.0

It’s true! Panzoid has gotten a while lot better. Panzoid, a free online intro maker, which I already reviewed (check out me previous posts) just recently released their second version of Panzoid Clipmaker. Some of the key changes are…

1. Lighting- You can add light sources and personalize them to your liking (way better than before). You can even change the color!

2. Environments- Not only are there new skies and land (the first one didn’t even have land), but this version. even has a minecraft-like environment. Not a fan myself, but I’m sure there are pixelated Minecraft junkies out there somewhere.

3. Particles- Oh yah. You can get creative with this one. You can create anything from fog to floating particles to something else. Check out the community templates for more ideas.

There are probably many more bonuses in this new Panzoid version, but I think I’ve reached the end of your attention span.  Check it out yourself at and comment to tell me what you think!


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