Christian Film Database (like IMDB)

Christian Film Database, as hinted in the title, is the Christian version of IMDB. It’s the place to go to find new Christian movies coming up. Actually, the site is going to get a major makeover in the next couple of months, so look out! It’s going to be great!

So basically, CFDB has pages for pretty much all the Christian movies and shows that exist. They don’t have individual pages for actors, directors, etc, but they have plenty of other goodies available. For example, there is a page that lists all of the Christian movies in theaters in the next couple months. There’s also a list of Christian Film Festivals, TV stations, and production companies. If you love faith-affirming films, you know where to go.

Originality: 1/5 (sorry…)

Productivity: 5/5

Value: 4/5

Visit the website at


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