IAMflix update

IAMflix has recently been acquired by Pureflix entertainment. In other words, IAMflix is now Pureflix. Pureflix is a christian movie company, and, along with their aquisition of IAMflix, has added many more movies to the site. Check it out. IAMflix has gotten totally remodeled and has a much better selection now! You can find it … Continue reading IAMflix update


IAMFlix Update

The last time I wrote about I Am Flix (or IAMFlix, whatever), they had a not so good looking selection. I'm happy to announce that it is steadily changing! The last time I wrote the only new movie they had was The War Within. By now they have acquired several newer movies. They include The … Continue reading IAMFlix Update


While making a mini-documentary I was trying to find a way to make my photos look 3D, or some how come alive. I didn't want to use the ken-burns effect so much, so I tried the parallax effect (where the background zooms at a different speed as the foreground). I found something possibly even better … Continue reading Depthy.me


IAMflix is a christian version of Netflix. It is quite new, and I am very glad to see it pop up. Although IAMflix (or I AM flix...) has a lot of movies, at the present moment it holds a very small selection. Most of the movies are older and not well known. If you know … Continue reading IAMflix


Powtoon is a presentation tool for making presentations, or even videos, in a dynamic and professional way. It uses cartoons and animations and makes it extremely easy for you to create a visually appealing presentation or video. I can't describe it good enough, so why don't you try it? It's free to use to publish … Continue reading Powtoon