Plugged In

Plugged In (or pluggedin) is a christian movie, music, and more review site. It works differently from most review sites, though. It rates movies and other things by family friendliness (if that's a word). If you visit the page of a newer movie, you'll see a rating out of 5 stars, plus red, yellow, or … Continue reading Plugged In


While making a mini-documentary I was trying to find a way to make my photos look 3D, or some how come alive. I didn't want to use the ken-burns effect so much, so I tried the parallax effect (where the background zooms at a different speed as the foreground). I found something possibly even better … Continue reading


IAMflix is a christian version of Netflix. It is quite new, and I am very glad to see it pop up. Although IAMflix (or I AM flix...) has a lot of movies, at the present moment it holds a very small selection. Most of the movies are older and not well known. If you know … Continue reading IAMflix


Powtoon is a presentation tool for making presentations, or even videos, in a dynamic and professional way. It uses cartoons and animations and makes it extremely easy for you to create a visually appealing presentation or video. I can't describe it good enough, so why don't you try it? It's free to use to publish … Continue reading Powtoon


Did you ever wonder if there was an alternative to Microsoft Word and Google Docs? There is! Zoho is an online suite of tools, many of them free. For example, there's Zoho Docs, much like Google Docs, and a survey maker, presentation maker, and many more. Tell me what you think. Come back next week … Continue reading Zoho


Make your own forts for free! If you can't find the perfect font for your website or graphic design, why not make your own. FontStruct lets you do just that. Pixel by Pixel. Try it out for yourself and comment! originality: 4/5 productivity: 5/5 value: 5/5 Visit the site at